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Anchor Land Holdings : Copeton Baysuites For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 30 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 92 sqm
3 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 168 sqm
4 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 262 sqm

Why choose Copeton Baysuites !

When you think of a good life – a perfect home is always a consideration. With a beautiful family, a successful career and a cozy, warm home is what one would always dream for. 

But to have a modern and elegant home that speaks of breathtaking views such as the scenic Manila Bay – life is even better. Within the rich cultural background plus business and leisure centers of the metro – Copeton Baysuites maybe one of the best decisions in your lifetime that you wouldn’t regret. A good, wise and definitely judicious investment – this property is a legacy that you wouldn’t want to miss. It will be a lasting investment to give to your children or your children’s children.  The Bay City prices of a  condo, despite the recent surges due to nearby developments – is still way more affordable than that in Makati or BGC in Taguig.  

The West Tower of this development provides  generous and wide living spaces to the upscale customers and families.  The rest — the North Tower and South Tower have more practical sizes, thus, can be treated as very worthwhile and   investments.

So, whether you’re a young successful professional or corporate executive, a budding entrepreneur or a businessman who have made a mark in your own world, or perhaps a newly-married couple starting to build your own family - a choice for this property is yours.  You will be very pleased that your hard earned savings and earnings will be put to good use and will be a lasting testament to how you worked hard for that prized reward of a beautiful, modern and luxurious home by the bay. The bonus: yes, the majestic sunrise and sunset views of the world-famous Manila Bay. So, what are you waiting for? 

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